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The Answer is All Too Easy, Flowers From Your Tulsa Florist


Most men are very practical creatures. That is, when they see a problem, their first instinct is to resolve it as soon as possible. So when the car they drive starts making a funny noise, they fix it and when the screen door on your house breaks, they fix it. But when it comes to relationships, they still remain relatively clueless. When considering what to get that special lady for an anniversary or holiday, the answer is all too easy, flowers from your Tulsa florist.

But instead, men will go to great lengths and spend a ton of money buying useless gifts that will only cause them trouble in the long run. Sure, she might thank you for the Kindle or lava lamp. but just under the surface there is a storm brewing, so watch out.

When you finally give up on practical gifts and give her flowers, you finally mend an important part of any relationship. And here is why.

Flowers are visual candy and they will remind her of you and the fact you got them for her. Flowers are beautiful and everybody loves beautiful things. A Kindle might hold many positive attributes but is not beautiful. Even a week after you send her flowers you will still be receiving that look from her.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses we have and it is intimately connected to our memory and emotions. So whenever she smells flowers, she will immediately associate that scent with you, in a good way of course.

In the Victorian period, flowers were used as a way to show how a man felt about a woman. It is a tradition that continues today. Flowers are basically a secret language as they represent feelings without a word being said. And there are myths and legends associated with flowers that make them even more compelling.

Now, the best way to fix whatever might be broken in a relation could very well be flowers. And even if you feel the relationship is going well, sending her a bouquet of flowers can’t hurt. Do it now.  

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