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Rathbone's Flair Flowers proudly serves the Tulsa, Oklahoma Metro area.

We are family owned and operated, a Tulsa tradition for over 50 years. Third generation owners Matt and Becky Rathbone and their talented staff are committed to only offering the finest floral arrangements and gifts, along with professional and friendly service.

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Rathbone's Flair Flowers offers same day flower delivery to the entire Tulsa, Oklahoma Metro area. As a favorite Tulsa florist, we deliver to Tulsa churches, hospitals, nursing homes and universities.

Should you Buy Flowers from a National Flower Company?

Should you Buy Flowers from a National Flower Company?

Posted by Matt Rathbone on 4th Dec 2017

Should you Buy Flowers from a National Flower Company?

Rathbone's Flower shop in Tulsa

This Content was written for Rathbone’s Flair Flowers

Have you ever searched to find an online florist? If you're like a lot of people then you probably have heard the advertising on radio and TV stations, and seen the ads on Google and other search sites but, these are online national flower companies. I am here to tell you to not waste your time with these so-called Florist, Choose a real florist like Rathbone’s Flair Flowers for Tulsa Flower Delivery at

If you search Tulsa flower delivery, or online florist, you will find many companies listed that are not located in Tulsa area. Why do they advertise for listings in Tulsa? The answer is simple, they're making money, and a lot of it, but do they deliver flowers? No, they do not. Well sort of, some of them send flowers in a box, however you will find most of them just take your order and then send it to a local florist for delivery. And why did they do that, again it's to make money, a lot of it. Some of these companies are listed with the stock exchange as major companies. They have learned a way to make money on the backs of real florist and there is nothing they can do about it but promise to serve their local customers with personal attention.  

How much money do these companies make when they transfer orders from you and then to a real florist. Here is where it gets even more sinister, first off they take at least 27% as their initial cut, but it does not stop there, they then charge the florist 2.50 to receive the order plus other junk fees that are added to the monthly statement. They also sell the containers that the arrangement is in and force the florist to buy those and they make money on those too.

One of the worst things these national companies do, is many pretend to be a local florist and deceive they public as they charge huge service fees for doing nothing but passing the order to a local florist. Some even may charge extra to ask for morning delivery, but do local florist receive that extra money. NO they don't, They simply get a message requesting that the delivery is made by a certain time. Most of these service charges range from a low of $16.00 to as much as $22.00 if you ask for morning delivery. What do you think happens to that money? Well, it may surprise you to learn, that it all, even the extra they collect for AM delivery, stays with them. The florist sees none of that money, to defray the cost of delivery. Here is an example.

A friend of mine once ordered from one of these companies before I educated him to find a real florist like Rathbone's Flair Flowers for Tulsa Flower Delivery. To his surprise the person that received the arrangement got the flowers in box with a vase for them to arrange themselves. And by the time all of the extra charges were added up the bill came to over $75.00. This deception is common in every national order gathering site. It may sound tempting to take the offer presented on the radio but don’t waste your time. Order from a real florist, a local florist that delivers to your area. Take a look at this screen shot from a google search.

As you can see it only makes since to buy from a real florist like Rathbone’s Flair Flowers for Tulsa flower Delivery. Be sure to visit their website at or give one of their professional designers a call at 918-299-2341. Rathbone's Flair Flowers in business for over 60 years, is located in Jenks now at 622 E. Main St. They deliver every day to Jenks, Tulsa, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Bixby and Broken Arrow. 

In the end, I am writing this to educate what is happening to the florist around the country, it's time for the veil to come off and expose these companies for what they are. Florist are independent small businesses, struggling to compete against massive ad budgets and deceptive advertising. If you choose Rathbone's Flowers as your florist to deliver flowers in Tulsa or if you choose many of the excellent hard working florist in Tulsa or the surrounding communities that serve your desired delivery area, just be sure you choose to buy local.