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Design Inspiration with Flair: Flower shop in Tulsa


Design Inspiration with Flair: Tulsa Flower Delivery

This content was written for Rathbone's Flair Flowers.

When you want to order flowers for someone, you want to feel good about what you're sending. Go to Rathbone's Flair Flowers at www.shopwithflair.com.You have probably spent a lot of time on flower websites searching for designs you like. Although they may have some decent flower arrangements, in a way, they all look alike. That is why you should always visit Rathbone's store, you can reach them at 918-299-2341 or visit them in person in Jenks at 622 E. Main St. Jenks, OK 74037. Rathbone’s is a premiere Tulsa Florist. If design inspiration is what you are looking for, then you will see many styles represented on their website. The design experts at Rathbone's flowers have been hard at work, coming up with creative yet beautiful floral designs using unique containers, and the freshest flowers possible.

Many of the designs featured at Rathbone's Flowers, offer arrangements in unique containers, such as a wooden rectangular birch box filled with roses and beautiful greenery and bright flowers. Natural products are really on trend right now, so Rathbone's has several containers that feature twigs, or grapevine for Tulsa flower delivery. One of the hottest trends this year is containers featuring metallic surfaces. Brushed metal, electroplated containers that are in colors of silver, gold and bronze and copper. Some flowers are held in place with an armature of curly willow that allows the designers at Rathbone's to shape the curly willow into the desired shape by bending at the connection points. The thicker branches hold of flowers in place and create a magnificent beautiful arrangement, that is unique and on trend. Some of the containers at Rathbone feature old-style antique features like the hobnail containers. Years ago, the milk glass hobnail was an extremely popular design. Rathbone has brought it back and added designs with metallic finishes in trendy colors that help create a design with Flair.

If you are like a growing number of smart shoppers then you will want to visit Rathbone's Flowers of Tulsa Flower Delivery at www.shopwithflair.com to see their selections of many styles of arrangements and containers that hold them. You may contact Rathbones at 918-299-2341 and talk to one of their professional designers and see if they have something that you may like. One of the many things that Rathbones specializes in, is weddings. As part of that service, many brides and event planners are looking for containers for the events or the receptions for their weddings. Rathbone's has catalogs to browse through to find the perfect container that will fit the mood and style of the event or wedding. When the Rathbone's go to market, they keep their clients in mind when sourcing containers for events and weddings. Always looking for something special that will set the wedding or event apart from others.

The designers of Rathbone's are always looking for something new and exciting to put on the website at www.shopwithflair.com. Every couple of months the menu changes on the website and new designs are added to the collection. So, don't wait too long or that beautiful arrangement you see on the site right now might not be there much longer. Visit Rathbone's flair flowers right now to find a beautiful arrangement for Tulsa flower delivery at www.shopwithflair.com.

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